Meet Erin

a North Carolina based wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer

I believe in capturing the simplest moments in life. The moments that are meant to become images. Images that evoke emotions, causing one to reminisce and feel again. The kind of images that are meant to be printed, framed, and displayed in your home for years to come to tell your story to future generations. 

I’m Erin Schultze. 

Welcome Y'all!

My passion for photography unintentionally began because of a passion for people and desire to create authentic relationships. I firmly believe The Lord allows people to cross your path for a reason and people will NEVER forget how you make them feel or how you impact their life.

When I pick up my camera, I strive to tell a story that displays the beauty of the world around us and the beauty of the people in front of the camera. I believe God is the ultimate Creator and I just help tell His story in your life through the images I capture. 

Even with it's ups and downs, your life, your story, are beautiful and I can't wait to create images to show that!



the South

home is where the tea is

accents are

and a glimpse of

is a snap away.

Nothing beats a southern summer night spent on the front porch with a mason jar full of sweet tea. Throw in a few “kitchen table” friends and you have the ingredients for a perfect night. 

on the front porch swing.

There's nothing I love more than sharing a good home cooked meal on Sunday after church with my family. My southern comfort food is homemade Chicken pastry, green beans, and a glass of Tea. 

at mama’s kitchen table

Dutch Blitz, fish bowl, spoons… you name it...I’m game to play it. There's nothing I love more than a Friday night, game night with friends. 

Game nights

In the South family, and tradition are the sugar in our tea.



Not that

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It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. I LOVE to travel with my camera of course. Traveling inspires me and gives me a new perspective on life. 


I do not enjoy staying put. I am always looking for a new adventure. I want to stamp my passport as much as I can. 

night owl

I do my best thinking late at night. 

morning person

I am not a morning person but I am working on it. 


I LOVE a good movie. Especially a good action packed movie. Throw in some popcorn or fresh baked cookies and you have the ingredients for a perfect night. 


I would rather just watch the movie. I couldn't tell you the last book I read outside of Bible study. 


I enjoy baking anything sweet. Especially around Christmas time.


But, if we’re being honest...I am not the best at cooking. Cooking actual food is not my strength...but I am working on it. 


I enjoy being outside fishing, kayaking, boating, sitting on the beach, hiking in the mountains. 


I only enjoy being inside if it's raining. 

ice cream

Ice Cream is my weakness. 

anything sweet

Ok...let's be real...I love anything sweet. 

gray haired, and the outward beauty has faded, I want my clients to look back at the images captured and still feel the same love they felt on the best day of their life. 

I want the images captured to renew their strength, courage, and hope like no other materialistic item can. 

when you’re 80 years old…


A Simple Southern Belle

southern belle


Ice cream gelato


volcano (from anthro!)



netflix series

prison break



my person

my mama

bucket list



a bit of everything (no rock)


volleyball, softball, football



A fur mama to Mason Gus. The Pup born in the North, 

raised in the south

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